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Residential Roofing Cost

Like every other type of project you are going to have done on your home, the price of your roof is unique to each project. No two roofing projects are exactly alike. The numbers you will see in this blog are not definite and are subject to change from home to home. With that being said there are two major areas that contribute to the price of your roof: size of roof and the type of material used.


When talking about the size of your roof we will be talking in "squares". A square in roofing terms is an area of 100 square feet. Roofs can range from 10 squares to 100 squares making this the largest variable in cost. The larger the roof a home has the more expensive the roof will be.


Now for the material chosen; as you can guess there are a plethora of options on the market when it comes to what choice is best for your home. However the most common shingle chosen in Wisconsin is a dimensional asphalt shingle, such as the GAF Timberline or the CentainTeed Landmark. These shingles are one, if not the most, cost effective options on the market. Price, including labor, ranges from $350.00 - $500.00 a square. Along with these options, GAF offers a Designer Shingle line and CertainaTeed offers the Luxury Line. Both shingle lines include multiple different looks and price points. Pricing, including labor, can range anywhere from $500.00 - $790.00 a square.

Now let's talk about cedar roofing, our specialty! When talking about cedar there are two different styles you can go with: shake or shingle. The most noticeable difference of shakes is that they have a rougher look caused by the shakes only being milled on one side. Pricing, including labor, for cedar shakes can range from $775.00 - $950.00 a square. Alternatively, shingles have a smoother look caused by the shingles being milled on both sides. Pricing, including labor, for cedar shingles can range from $950.00 - $1,200.00 a square. While we try to strive to keep prices low, please be aware that cedar shake and shingle prices may be subject to change due to the fact that there is a major strike happening in the milling industry causing multiple mills to close their doors permanently.

Before we send you on your way, let's talk about composite shingles! Companies such as DaVinci have invented a composite shingle that is meant to mimic the look of both cedar shakes and slate. This type of shingle was invented to compete in both of those markets but can be a bit more pricy. Pricing, including labor, can range from $1,050.00 - $1,400.00.

We at Tighe Contracting know that choosing the perfect roofing material can be a bit overwhelming but that's what we are here for! After serving the Greater Milwaukee Area for over 30 plus years we have seen it all. If you have a specific material in mind that has not been addressed in this post, please feel free to reach out and we would be more than happy to walk you through those options. Our goal is to make you feel like you know every detail going into your roofing project!

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